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घाँस काट्ने खुर्केर by Unknown

घाँस काट्ने खुर्केर

Added on: 20th May 2007
Public views: 2911
Chhatima Mero by Unknown

छातिमा मेरो यो छोतो भोटो

Added on: 19th December 2006
Public views: 11249
Saalko Paat Tapari by Unknown

Saalko Paat Tapari

Added on: 7th October 2007
Public views: 2939
Sirima siri ni kanchha by Unknown

Sirima Siri Ni Kanchha

Added on: 15th September 2007
Public views: 3780
timro nazar le balchhi haanechha by Unknown

तिम्रो नजरले बल्छी हानेछ

Added on: 6th October 2013
Public views: 1882

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