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bahi jane hawa timi by Sanjivani

बहि जाने हावा तिमी

Added on: 20th August 2013
Public views: 1492
Pani mitho mero hajur by Sanjivani

पानी मिठो मेरो हजुर

Added on: 28th November 2011
Public views: 11565
timidekhi tadha chu ma by Sanjivani

तिमीदेखि टाढा छु म

Added on: 19th June 2013
Public views: 1532
timile diyeka dard sangali by Sanjivani

तिमीले दिएका दर्द संगाली

Added on: 12th December 2013
Public views: 1984
Timro Samjhanale Malai by Sanjivani

तिम्रो सम्झनाले मलाई

Added on: 18th June 2013
Public views: 1365
ye hawa by Sanjivani

ए हावा

Added on: 12th August 2013
Public views: 1832
आज भोली तिमीले by Rajesh Payal Rai and Sanjivani

आज भोली तिमीले

Added on: 10th January 2013
Public views: 2837
Makhmali pachheurile sanu by Udit Narayan and Sanjivani

मखमली पच्छेउरिले सानु

Added on: 12th January 2012
Public views: 11276

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