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aama by Mantra


Added on: 14th May 2013
Public views: 6991
Birseko chhainau hami by Mantra

बिर्सेको छैनौ हामी

Added on: 30th November 2011
Public views: 19618
Chhaati bhitra sano mutu by Mantra

छाती भित्र सानो मुटु

Added on: 19th December 2006
Public views: 10215
Ekantama kina kina by Mantra

एकान्तमा किन किन

Added on: 19th December 2006
Public views: 17053
Gorkhaaliko Chhoro by Mantra

गोर्खालीको छोरो

Added on: 19th December 2006
Public views: 10954
Himali Nepali by Mantra

हिमाली नेपाली

Added on: 21st December 2011
Public views: 12157
jabasamma yo jiwan by Mantra

जबसम्म यो जीवन

Added on: 13th March 2013
Public views: 2953
jhar jhar jhari parda by Mantra

झर झर झरी पर्दा

Added on: 9th March 2013
Public views: 4368
Priyeshi by Mantra


Added on: 3rd October 2012
Public views: 4343
Rimjhim Rimjhim jharima by Mantra

रिमझिम रिमझिम झरिमा

Added on: 24th April 2014
Public views: 2261
sadhai sadhai aai rahancha by Mantra

सधै सधै आइ रहन्छ

Added on: 18th November 2012
Public views: 22985
Samaya by Mantra


Added on: 6th April 2014
Public views: 6010
Timi Bina by Mantra

तिमी बिना

Added on: 19th December 2006
Public views: 10629
timi nai hou by Mantra

तिमी नै हौ

Added on: 23rd June 2013
Public views: 2705

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