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Kunti Moktan song(s)

Aadi Khole Solteeko by Kunti Moktan

आधी खोले सोल्टीको

Added on: 19th December 2006
Public views: 5453
aamale maya gari by Kunti Moktan

आमाले माया गरी

Added on: 29th April 2014
Public views: 7205
Ankha farfarayo by Kunti Moktan

आखा फरफरायो

Added on: 29th December 2012
Public views: 5477
bheta hola jaba by Kunti Moktan

भेट होला जब

Added on: 1st August 2013
Public views: 1828
Daafe Munal jastai by Kunti Moktan

डाँफे मुनाल जस्तै

Added on: 31st March 2014
Public views: 1618
Kati maya lagcha by Kunti Moktan

कति माया लाग्छ

Added on: 8th December 2015
Public views: 8978
Mann ko maya by Kunti Moktan

मनको माया हजुरको

Added on: 3rd March 2007
Public views: 4928
Mathi Mathi Sailungema by Kunti Moktan

माथी माथी सैलुङेमा

Added on: 19th December 2006
Public views: 10631
phuleki the bagaichama by Kunti Moktan

फुलेकी थे बगैचामा

Added on: 23rd November 2011
Public views: 1637
Soonkai Bhau Chha by Kunti Moktan

सुनकै भाउ छ सुन्तला भारिको

Added on: 19th December 2006
Public views: 6340

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