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aaudai gara malati by Hemanta Sharma

आउँदै गर मालती

Added on: 16th November 2013
Public views: 3250
aba ta dhilo huncha ki by Hemanta Sharma

अब त ढिलो हुन्छ कि

Added on: 2nd February 2013
Public views: 1595
hunna hunna by Hemanta Sharma

हुन्न हुन्न

Added on: 25th November 2013
Public views: 2047
k maya garna hunna ra by Hemanta Sharma

K Maya Garna Hunna Ra

Added on: 8th November 2012
Public views: 4742
kholiko pani bagerai jane by Hemanta Sharma

खोलीको पानी बगेरै जाने

Added on: 1st February 2013
Public views: 1484
lam bhane pirati by Hemanta Sharma

लाम भने पिरती

Added on: 11th June 2013
Public views: 1282
Maya Ta Yesto Hos by Hemanta Sharma

माया त यस्तो होस

Added on: 1st March 2007
Public views: 12297
Mul hou bhane rasaideu by Hemanta Sharma

मुल होउ भने रसाइदेउ

Added on: 10th January 2013
Public views: 8041
Na Tejabi by Hemanta Sharma

न तेजाबी

Added on: 18th December 2006
Public views: 5239
pauju ta ramro by Hemanta Sharma

पाउजु त राम्रो

Added on: 29th June 2013
Public views: 1259
sahar malai man pardaina by Hemanta Sharma

शहर मलाई मन पर्दैन

Added on: 17th November 2013
Public views: 1472
Thapa Na Thapa by Hemanta Sharma

थापन थाप

Added on: 6th November 2007
Public views: 5811
timi arkai gharko manche by Hemanta Sharma

तिमी अर्कै घरको मान्छे

Added on: 6th February 2013
Public views: 3685
ukali jada jadai by Hemanta Sharma

उकाली जादाँ जादै

Added on: 8th June 2013
Public views: 3425

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