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Babu Bogati song(s)

bato pharakilo thiyo by Babu Bogati

बाटो फराकिलो थियो

Added on: 22nd June 2013
Public views: 3212
Jamuna by Babu Bogati


Added on: 14th February 2014
Public views: 716
jane mayalu by Babu Bogati

जाने मायालु

Added on: 18th September 2013
Public views: 923
Ma Aansule Bhije Chhu by Babu Bogati

म आँसुले भिजेछु

Added on: 15th December 2006
Public views: 3213
O meri gori by Babu Bogati

ओ मेरी गोरी

Added on: 14th February 2014
Public views: 686
Pheri Tyo Din by Babu Bogati

फेरी त्यो दिन

Added on: 28th February 2007
Public views: 3323
Sannani timilai hirkaula by Babu Bogati

सान्नानी तिमीलाई

Added on: 20th November 2011
Public views: 4566
Sano Sansar by Babu Bogati

सानो संसार

Added on: 22nd October 2008
Public views: 3523
tulsi aaganmaa ropaula by Babu Bogati

तुल्सी आँगनमा रोपौला

Added on: 21st May 2013
Public views: 11655
Tyo din thiyo by Babu Bogati

त्यो दिन थियो

Added on: 2nd January 2012
Public views: 2494
Jaba sajha parcha by Babu Bogati and Prakriti Giri

जब साँझ पर्छ

Added on: 26th December 2013
Public views: 5493

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