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Anuprastha song(s)

Dakshinkali jadama by Anuprastha

दक्षिणकाली जाँदामा

Added on: 11th February 2014
Public views: 129
din yesto pani rahechha by Anuprastha

दिन यस्तो पनि रहेछ

Added on: 30th November 2009
Public views: 11347
Guff (Dharahara bata haam faale) by Anuprastha

धरहराबाट हाम्फाले

Added on: 29th December 2011
Public views: 6377
Jaadaichhu timilai chhodera by Anuprastha

जादैछु तिमीलाई छोडेर

Added on: 22nd December 2011
Public views: 4278
sukha ra dukhako bichma basera by Anuprastha

सुख र दुखको बीचमा बसेर

Added on: 5th February 2013
Public views: 1079

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