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Aawaj yo ke aayo by Albatross

आवाज यो के आयो

Added on: 25th November 2009
Public views: 5382
Abhiman by Albatross


Added on: 24th December 2012
Public views: 6634
farki farki nahera malai by Albatross

फर्की फर्की नहेर मलाई

Added on: 1st February 2007
Public views: 11380
Jeevan Ma Mero Kohi by Albatross

जीवनमा मेरो कोही

Added on: 17th November 2011
Public views: 4957
Jhariko Raat by Albatross

झरिको रात कसैको साथ

Added on: 25th November 2011
Public views: 6092
Khaseka Tara Gandai by Albatross

खसेका तारा गन्दै

Added on: 29th April 2007
Public views: 5706
Koshish by Albatross


Added on: 22nd September 2008
Public views: 4987
Ma ra malai by Albatross

म र मलाई

Added on: 6th April 2014
Public views: 11504
Shristi ra dristi by Albatross

शृस्टी र द्रिस्टी

Added on: 19th December 2011
Public views: 6291
Timi ani mero (nischal) by Albatross

तिमी अनि मेरो

Added on: 24th December 2012
Public views: 37084
Timi hau boksi by Albatross

तिमी हौ बोक्सी

Added on: 3rd March 2014
Public views: 7886

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