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aankhama aansu by Aastha B

आँखामा आँशु

Added on: 28th August 2013
Public views: 1616
chahidaina malai Hiramoti by Aastha B

चाहिदैन मलाई हिरामोती

Added on: 26th February 2013
Public views: 3080
ma ta ekkaisau sadi ki keti hu by Aastha B

म त एक्काइसौ सदी कि केटी हु

Added on: 28th October 2012
Public views: 8619
malai pugena pugena by Aastha B

मलाई पुगेन पुगेन

Added on: 23rd January 2013
Public views: 9842
socha na by Aastha B

सोच न

Added on: 14th March 2013
Public views: 1967
timi nai chau by Aastha B

तिमी नै छौ

Added on: 11th March 2013
Public views: 2140

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